There will be no Ozzfest in 2011. Tour namesake and headliner Ozzy Osbourne has just wrapped a long American tour, and will head out to Europe this summer. There's simply no Ozzfest without Ozzy, and that's that.

This is the second time in three years that Ozzfest has been tabled entirely. Launched in 1997 by Ozzy and his wife-a-ger, Sharon, Ozzfest has gone through several re-configurations after enjoying unprecedented popularity in the late '90s and early '00s. Ozzfest 2007 was the infamous "free fest," where entry was free. Ozzfest 2008 was a single day event in Dallas, Texas, while there was no Ozzfest at all in 2009. Ozzfest 2010 was a six-date affair that canvased major markets in August.

Several sources have quoted Ozzy Osbourne saying, "No, [there will be no Ozzfest] this year. I just finished a lengthy arena tour of the US, so I've decided to tour Europe this summer instead."

Watch the Ozzfest 2010 intro video