Sixx: A.M.'s Nikki Sixx recently spoke about having a busy summer despite the fact that he was technically on vacation from Motley Crue. But might the rocker still actually earn some "kick back and chill" days before the leaves turn brown? In his latest Facebook posting, Sixx revealed that his summer new album plans with Sixx: A.M. are actually moving ahead of schedule.

In his latest Facebook post, Sixx wrote, "Writing Sixx: A.M. lyrics today at home. Cutting bass parts tomorrow with James and DJ will be laying down his guitar parts when he returns from Canada...This album is coming together fast ... Time to start thinking of an album title."

It's true that Sixx has made quick work of his latest album with DJ Ashba and James Michael. The revelation that a new disc would arrive in 2013 was made early in the year and he and his cohorts continued to work on material while he was out on the road with Motley Crue.

At one point, the bassist wrote, "We have so many songs written. Now the hard part — putting it all together. So far this is the best songs we have written as a band and on so many levels extremely adventurous … James has the dirty task of producing this monster … God bless him.”

Speaking to Loudwire back in winter of this year, the bassist alluded to the idea that it's a clean slate for Sixx: A.M. this time as there's not a book project they are tying their music to. He explained, “This time we really want to fly on our own. We started out the songwriting process by having conversations about how far we can push ourselves musically … Our conversations were, ‘Let’s go as far to the left as we can, musically’ and once we finish up a handful of songs that are pretty out there … I don’t even want to use any kind of references because it’ll throw people and they won’t really understand what I’m talking about. But we’re just taking a lot of chances musically and at this point nothing sounds at all like Sixx: A.M. that you would know, because we’re taking such huge leaps of faith that we’re going to land on our feet.”

We're definitely anxious to see where and how Sixx: A.M. lands. Stay tuned for more updates as they close in on a new record.

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