Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx is a stylish rocker. He has great hair, sleeves of tats and an enviable style. Now he has partnered with BluBlocker to design a limited edition pair of sunglasses engineered with NASA technology and specifications.

The signature shades, which are black-framed, amber-lensed aviators, are available for purchase now for $49.99 and include a collector's box, a carrying case, a BluBlocker pin and neck strap and a special message from Sixx. All that? For $50? But wait. It gets better.

The origin of this brand of sunglasses starts with NASA and the space program. Astronauts require increased protection for their eyes when in space since the ultraviolet rays are much more powerful and therefore dangerous. In this case, the glasses are more about function than fashion, since they serve the purpose of protecting the eye at all costs. By blocking blue rays, the objects appear sharper and clearer to the eye. So the shades are advantageous in that they aid vision. But Sixx's shades also look cool!

“I was blown away with BluBlocker sunglasses and asked my manager to find the head of the company that makes them. I want to share my discovery with my fans,” the musician said.

Go here to purchase a pair of these rad glasses.


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