If what L.A. Guns singer Phil Lewis says is true, Nikki Sixx is the James Frey of hard rock. The author of A Million Little Pieces famously fibbed in print about his recovery from drug addiction, passing off fictional experiences as fact, and according to Lewis, the Mötley Crüe bassist did likewise, lying in his book Heroin Diaries about his struggles with substance abuse.

"I say Nikki Sixx and his Heroin Diaries are a total fraud," Lewis wrote in the Metal Sludge forums, escalating a battle that began earlier this month, when the singer referred to the Crue as "boring." That prompted Sixx to retaliate on Twitter and call Lewis "a sad lil pumpkin."

"Anyone that was ever addicted to Smack or any opiates knows not to glorify addiction its incredibly irresponsible," Lewis added in his anti-Sixx tirade. "It's total crap as well, Nikki may have dabbled a little but him and most of the dinosaur rockstars of that era were doing tons of blow or cocaine. There was very little heroin in LA in the 80s compared to London. Sixx was a teenage millionaire with a very thin grasp on reality. I don't give a fuck what he thinks about me or any singers."

Lewis goes on to say that he did plenty of drugs in both cities, but that unlike Nikki, he doesn't "glorify it or complain I was sucked into coz of an unhappy childhood."

He ends by dissing Motley's rendition of the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the U.K."

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