Nickelback have been through the ringer lately. Since playing the Thanksgiving Day halftime show at the annual Lions/Packers football game, the band has been attacked all over the social media universe. Even though they've been slandered, Chad Kroger and co. have proven to be pretty resilient, even poking fun at their own fame with a Funny or Die video.

Now after months of laying low, the band are back with a brand new world tour. So naturally, the hate machine would start up again. And this time, it's not from a lanky blues man or the greater Detroit Area -- it's from the people of Twitter. Instead of fighting fire with fire, Nickelback have decided to have a little fun with their anti-fans by responding to slams with an air of indifference.

With their egos still intact and dollars continuously being streamed into their respective wallets, it seems that no words can harm the Canadian hitmen. In the past 48 hours, Nickelback have responded to each hate message online. These barbs would hurt most rock 'n' rollers' feeble minds, but the Platinum-plated rockers have taken it in stride. Below are the top five retorts the band has given.




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