Never Got Caught

Brothers Bryan and Bill Hinkley were once in the late, great Boston hardcore band Tree. While we remember Tree fondly, the brothers Hinkley are making the push with Never Got Caught and their new album, 'Creepshow' -- which we must admit, we're biased towards, since it shares its name with our weekly podcast! We almost feel like they are stalking us.

"Yeah that is funny," drummer Bill Hinkley told Noisecreep. "I think we both know a good name when we think of it. Plus, not that the album or podcast have anything to do with the movie, but it is a classic. Gotta love seeing Ted Danson buried in the sand up to his neck with the tide coming in."

After Tree called it quits, everyone went their separate ways. Singer/guitarist Bryan Hinkley, who uses vintage gear, including a 59 Les Paul Jr. and a 72 Les Paul Deluxe, went on to write with Clutch. Eventually, Never Got Caught formed as a side project in 2003, with Bryan deciding he wanted to devote himself to NGC in 2008. "I moved down to Miami for a few years and played in a few different bands," Bill said. "They've got a cool scene down there. I had get out though. It's too hard to get a good sandwich in Florida. My brother and I kept jamming every time I came up to Boston. We wrote a couple of songs and people seemed to really dig them, so we decided to pursue it."

Given Bryan's work with Clutch, it's no surprise that Neil Fallon sings on the new record. "Having Neil Fallon sing on your record is like having Ted Williams pinch hit for you," Bill said. "I've been a Clutch fan since the first time I heard them and have had the chance to play a lot of shows with them over the years. Those guys are all real good people; solid. They have a sense of integrity, musically and personally, that is rare these days."

Bill revealed that when Fallon agreed to lend his vocals to a song, they were going to do it in the studio, but things didn't work out, time-wise. "He ended up recording his vocals in the basement of a club in London before they played," he said. "I'm not sure what type of mic was used, but we were psyched on how good it sounded considering the circumstances. Computers ... they are the future."

Bill also suggests that you check out 'Creepshow,' since Never Got Caught "kind of sounds like your favorite band ... only much better. Take a listen to 'Creepshow.' If you don't like what you hear, you're stupid, and it's beyond you! No, I don't know. I'd say it's heavy and maniacal at times, sometimes more mellow and dark. We tried to let the songs find their own identity instead of having a sound in mind and pushing them towards that. We've been writing a lot of new stuff lately and we're going to record it in the fall, it's gonna blow minds."

Never Got Caught tour dates

6/4 -- Huntington, WV -- V Club

6/5 -- Lexington, KY -- Busters Billiards

6/6 -- Toledo, OH -- Headliners

6/7 -- Urbana, IL -- Canopy Club

6/9 -- Oklahoma City, OK -- Diamond Ballroom

6/10 -- Little Rock, AR -- The Village

6/13 -- Montgomery, AL -- Strange Days

6/14 -- Houma, LA -- The City Club

6/15 -- Beaumont, TX -- Whiskey River

6/17 -- Greeneville, SC -- The Handlebar

6/18 -- Norfolk, VA -- The Norva

6/19 -- Allentown, PA -- Crocodile Rock

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