Some bands release a few good records and follow them up with predictable tripe. Clutch, Maryland's kings of sludge rock, are not that type of band. In fact, Clutch have consistently released hellacious rock records that should always be played loudly, preferably while double-fisting some brewskies. And this coming year is going to be a busy one for the Clutch dudes.

The band will soon release a video for their track 'Let a Poor Man Be.' Meanwhile, a rare promo-only EP featuring unreleased material will be made available for release and is set to arrive May 3 through the bands own Weathermaker Music label. In addition, a whole lot of reissues are in the works.

Each one will be expanded with some bonus tracks and be released as both CD/DVD sets and on vinyl. The first disc getting the reissue treatment will be 2007's 'From Beale Street to Oblivion' and will land in stores on June 22. Then, 2005's 'Robot Hive/Exodus' will hit stores Aug. 17, with 2004's 'Blast Tyrant' dropping Oct. 12. Double-vinyl editions of all three reissues will be available for purchase November 23. Details on which bonus tracks will make the cut have not been released.

The band's manager, Jon Nardachone, says that the bonus content "of the three reissues will be entirely different. We're still sifting through unreleased Clutch originals, cover songs, live audio, live video, alternate takes, etc. One thing we know for sure is that each reissue will have updated and upgraded artwork/packaging as well as additional music from the exact time frame each CD was first released. This is not about tacking on a couple of unfinished demos to the end of each CD. We're producing these with the knowledge that Clutch fans expect something fresh, yet distinguishably representative of that moment in time. The die-hard fan will appreciate these projects in a big way."

May 11 marks the release of Clutch's double-disc DVD set, 'Live at the 9:30.' Clutch will be touring in support of the DVD starting June 4 in Huntington, W.V., with the Bakerton Group, Lionize and Never Got Caught. Dates are booked through June 19 in Allentown, Penn.

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