NeurosisOn Aug. 30, San Francisco post-metal pioneers Neurosis will re-issue their 1993 classic 'Enemy of the Sun' to celebrate the band's 25th anniversary.

The follow-up to 1992's bracing 'Souls at Zero,' 'Enemy of the Sun' took Neurosis to new depths of beautiful bleakness, enhancing their dense sound with crushing riffs, ominous samples and tortured vocals -- all of which built from a whisper to a scream and back again over the course of many wonderfully agonizing minutes.

The reissue of 'Enemy of the Sun' features two extra tracks, a demo version of 'Takehnase' and a live recording of 'Cleanse II' along with a fully redesigned package by Josh Graham, the man in charge of Neurosis' mesmerizing visuals live.

'Enemy of the Sun' reissue track list

1. 'Lost'

2. 'Raze the Stray'

3. 'Burning Flesh in Year of Pig'

4. 'Cold Ascending'

5. 'Lexicon'

6. 'Enemy of the Sun''

7. 'The Time of the Beast'

8. 'Cleanse'

9. 'Takehnase' (demo version)

10. 'Cleanse II' (Live In Oberhausen)

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