Hard rock and metal fans who miss the sleaze 'n' roll days of the '70s and '80s, your prayers are about to be answered. This coming summer, Murderdolls, the long dormant band that features Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison on lead guitar and vocalist Wednesday 13, will be releasing their first studio album in eight years! The brilliantly-titled 'Women and Children Last' will undoubtedly deliver the kind of glammed-up punk and filthy rock anthems that made 'Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls,' the outfit's debut album, such a success when it was released way back in 2002.

This time out, Murderdolls are coming back with a new lineup and a renewed sense of purpose, as Joey passionately explained, "We don't look at this as a return -- this is revenge! The music scene today is as boring and stale as it was in 2002, when we first formed the band. This time around, everyone is the enemy!"

That sounds more like a death threat than it does a standard rock 'n' roll press statement. But he's not even done yet, "We've waited eight years to make sure, but this is the perfect time to bring Murderdolls back to the world. We've got nothing to lose and nothing to prove. So raise your fist along with us mother f---ers, and sorry if you get a bloody nose along the way. It's about to get ugly! Women and children last!"

When the band first crashed the party in 2002, nu-metal still had a stranglehold on the sales charts, but the Murderdolls' stripped-down playing approach and classic sense of songwriting made them favorites in the U.K. So fevered was the response there that the group's fans started calling themselves 'ghoulscouts.' 'Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls' would go on to achieve silver certification in the U.K., and a headlining show at the famed Brixton Academy found them playing to a crowd of over 5,500 people. If that weren't already enough, Murderdolls even snagged the Best Newcomer award at the inaugural Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.

Muderdolls are currently in a top secret Los Angeles recording studio finishing up work on 'Women and Children Last.' Roadrunner Records will be unleashing the album this coming summer.

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