What do metal bands Municipal Waste, Red Fang, Atreyu, Whitechapel, the Acacia Strain and Vanna all have in common? They've all been enlisted into Taco Bell's Feed the Beat program -- of which the fast food company gave a whole lot of Taco Bell dollars to 100 'up and coming' rock bands. The company targeted the best time for bands to use the $500 gift certificate. It's what they call the 'fourthmeal' -- after dinner and before breakfast, right when bands are getting on the road for their next show.

"We spent all our Taco Bell money in like a week!" Municipal Waste frontman Tony Foresta told Noisecreep. He had a hard time holding back his giggles when trying to recollect where all the money went.

Meanwhile Red Fang still have some of their taco paper. "There's too much awesome/cheap food here in Portland to waste time eating garbage. But out there in the middle of nowhere on tour, [Taco Bell] is king," drummer John Sherman told Noisecreep.

"I blew like 20 bucks of it in one night in Minneapolis -- I was so drunk. The next morning there was like this bag of tacos ... I probably fell asleep on a bag of burritos," Foresta said. Municipal Waste also hooked up fellow touring bands when they headlined a U.S. tour back in December.

"Taco Bell rules for sponsoring drunk idiots like myself!" Foresta exclaimed.