Fresh off the Metal Masters Tour -- where they shared a bill with Judas Priest, Heaven & Hell and Testament -- Motörhead sat down with Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles to talk about life in the legendary lane. Phil Campbell, who's been holding down lead guitar since the mid-80s for Lemmy, chuckled over a few celebrated pranks from the mega tour.

"I rode a horse on stage, during [Testament's] gig. You heard about it, yeah? On the horse, dressed up and everything," Campbell recalled. "And I distributed 150 USAToday to the crowd straight after, so when Ronnie [James Dio] came on with Heaven & Hell, the first 10 rows are all reading newspapers."

Not content to just brag about his pranks, Campbell also talked a bit more about Motörhead's creative process, and the integrity of their set lists.

The band still has an itinerary of non-stop tour dates, finishing off the last leg of their dates in the Northwest before heading off to Europe with tour support provided by the Damned. Not too shabby.