Judas Priest will drop a 30th anniversary edition of their eighth album, the 1982-released Screaming for Vengeance, on Sept. 4. It will include the re-mastered original plus bonus tracks and a live DVD from the 1983 U.S. Festival show filmed on May 29, 1983, in San Bernardino, California. It was the second and last of its kind.

"On the day that we performed, we flew in by helicopter - and the first sight we saw was that of thousands of abandoned cars piled up around the crests of the hills that surrounded the festival arena, which as we went over took our breath away," the band recalled about the show. "For there below us, spread throughout hundreds of acres was a massive crowd – over three hundred thousand strong! The summer heat was raging and combined with the hot Santa Ana winds made for a scorching metal furnace on stage." [Via Press Release] [JudasPriest.com]

Track Listing:

'The Hellion'

'Electric Eye'

'Riding On the Wind'


'(Take These) Chains'

'Pain and Pleasure'

'Screaming for Vengeance'

'You've Got Another Thing Coming'


'Devil's Child'

Bonus tracks:

'Electric Eye (live)*

'Riding on the Wind (live) *

'You've Got Another Thing Coming (Live) *

'Screaming For Vengeance (Live) *

'Devil's Child (live)'

'Prisoner of Your Eyes'

* Live from the San Antonio Civic Center, Sept. 10, 1982


U.S. Festival Show - San Bernardino, May 29, 1983

'Electric Eye'

'Riding On the Wind'

'Heading Out to the Highway'

'Metal Gods'

'Breaking the Law'

'Diamonds and Rust'

'Victim of Changes'

'Living After Midnight'

'The Green Manalishi' (with the two-pronged crown)

'Screaming for Vengeance'

'You've Got Another Thing Coming'

'Hell Bent for Leather'

Watch "Screaming for Vengeance (Live)" Video

If That Metal Show, featuring Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, is your favorite gabfest, then we've got good news for you. VH1 Classic will marathon the show starting tonight, July 20, beginning at 10PM ET. The show will air for 56 hours straight. Starting at 10PM ET Friday, July 20 and running all the way through Monday, July 23 at 6 AM ET, the network will air episodes from the past 10 seasons. The upcoming 11th season launches Saturday, Aug. 11, but if you tune in to the marathon, you will be treated to a sneak peak of a brand new ep on Sat, July 21, at 11PM ET. It features Disturbed's David Draiman. [Via Press Release]

Kittie's Morgan Lander is a veteran of the metal music scene, obviously! The band exploded with its debut Spit in 2000 and the gals have been chugging away ever since. The singer/guitarist touched on the economics and the business of being in a band in 2012, and why she sets up her own stage equipment. Turns out doing so serves two purposes. She said, "There's a few factors, just basically the industry the way that it is, we've had to downsize and downscale a lot of things as a lot of bands have, but for the most part it keeps us grounded. I know how I want my stuff, I know exactly what I would like it to sound like – the other girls feel the same way. I don't know it's just something that keeps us humble and grounded, we've always kind of been like that – even at the height of our career we've just been very involved, even in the business aspect of things."

She also said that as people, they are not that much different than fans. She continued, "We've been very knowledgeable; it's not like just throw it up onstage and play and that's all we do. I feel like it's better that way, you know what's going on. In some regards it does take away from the whole mystique of the show but at the same time we like to push the idea that we're normal human beings, as well; we've always been like that – go into the crowd and talk to people. We're not above anyone and we're not above doing that." [Loudwire]

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