Motley Crue’s second Las Vegas residency at the Hard Rock Hotel venue the Joint will be a little different than last time out with “a lot of cool stuff,” frontman Vince Neil said in an interview with

“Technology changes so rapidly and new stuff comes out all the time," explained Neil. "All of a sudden someone goes, look at this, and we go, ‘Holy s--t, that’s cool.’ We have to outdo ourselves every time we put something new together. This one -- I don’t know how we’re going to top this one. There’s some crazy stuff going on in this thing and just a lot of fire and smoke and monsters and all kinds of cool stuff.”

Dubbed 'An Evening in Hell,' the 12-show residency kicks off Sept. 18 and runs until Oct. 6. Neil, who lives in Vegas, said, “Being able to, especially for me living here, pack a lunch and f---in’ walk to work, you know? Basically, we’re touring without having to really tour. It’s great to play every night here at home for me and not have to be on a bus or an airplane.”

For the set list, he added, “We’ll dig a little deeper in our bag of songs and do a lot of stuff that we haven’t done in many, many years.”

Neil, who in earlier interviews had stopped talking about the long-awaited film on the band called 'The Dirt' (based on their book) because he was fed up with it never happening, also told the site that Motley Crue is now recording songs for the soundtrack and that the film will be out “in late winter, early spring of next year.”

He maintains there will be a farewell tour, beginning in 2014.

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