Nikki Sixx is continuing to offer his used basses for sale after every scheduled Motley Crue show. He started doing this earlier his year on Canadian and U.S. tour and will now do it for the Las Vegas residency in September. The “buy now” price is $4995.

“We got so many email requests that we have decided to continue selling my played basses right off stage in Las Vegas,” Sixx wrote on his Facebook page. “This is for collector's and die hard fans ... It will include a personal meet and greet with me. I will add anything to your bass you want ... Thank you ... All the info is here…”

“Own a piece of rock history,” it reads on the dedicated site. “Once in a lifetime opportunity to buy an exclusive collectible and meet Nikki Sixx before the Motley Crue show! Take home Nikki’s ‘Schecter Sixx.’ Add one of the most collectible pieces of Sixx memorabilia to your collection … The signature ‘Schecter Sixx’ that Nikki played for you on stage … AUTOGRAPHED and presented to you by Nikki personally at the show! Bring your camera! You’re going to want a photo!”

Currently for sale are the basses he will play at Motley Crue’s nine upcoming Vegas shows — Sept. 18 until Oct. 5. A quick click of the 2013 Canadian Tour and 2013 US dates shows the majority of the past basses offered sold well.

The “buy now” page does explain further what the person gets for $4995: “* A STAGE PLAYED Schecter Sixx Bass that Nikki plays for one song at this show
* MEET AND GREET: You and a guest will meet Nikki Sixx before the show. Bring your camera for photos of you and your guitar! After the show, you will pick up your guitar and take it home with you.
* SIGNING: Nikki will sign the guitar any way you like.”

And what you are NOT getting: “All sales are final. No returns. This package does NOT include tickets to the Motley Crue concert. You will need to purchase tickets to the show separately.
 Once your purchase is complete, you will be contacted directly to arrange meet and greet and bass pick-up or, if not attending the show, to arrange shipping.”

Of course only a die-hard fan would spent $5k on a bass and many can’t afford it. That’s what makes its acquisition special. Danny Benson, one of the previous buyers, stated, “I purchased one in Calgary, when the Crüe rolled through ... I can promise you all that it will be a very memorable experience!! Sixx and the staff were so kind ... if you have the chance go for it ... you won't regret it!!” “Thanks Danny,” Sixx replied, “it was good meeting you as well ... Nikki.”

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