Motley Crue recently announced the last leg of their final tour, and Ultimate Classic Rock checked in with guitarist Mick Mars for an exclusive interview with the rocker. Mars talked about everything from the band’s final tour and his life after Motley Crue to how the music industry has changed for younger bands.

The band’s final run of shows culminates with a last-ever gig on New Year's Eve in Los Angeles. During the chat, Mars offered his thought on how to put on a real rock show, saying things have changed since Crue first hit the stage 34 years ago.

“I think that there’s a lot of music and bands and so on that kind of forget what rock 'n' roll really is — the show part and the raw, in-your-face kind of a thing that rock 'n' roll is," says Mars. "I think that the newer rock 'n' roll kind of lacks something, and I’m sure that ‘60s rock 'n' roll bands would say that about us. But there’s that element that’s a little bit light or lacking the heaviness, punch and vigor.”

When asked if about his own ventures after the band plays their last show, the guitarist said, “I plan on doing my own stuff, of course, like everyone else in the band and just seeing where it goes. Writing music maybe for movies and commercials or for other bands — like, here’s a real rock song for you. [Laughs.] Things like that is what I’d like to do, or it’s what I am willing to do.”

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