Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody is celebrating five years of sobriety on Instagram, sharing a throwback video to the first anniversary of his committed lifestyle.

Moody's recovery is one he's been very open about, having enduring life-threatening health emergencies amid his past problematic drinking. It strained relationships, as he's admitted, but also presented him with an opportunity for redemption and to be an inspiration for others confronting addiction.

And, as seen in the video clip below, it has also fortified bonds with his family as he and his daughter Nova exchange "I love you," as Moody prepares to cut a celebratory cake adorned with the artwork for (from what we can tell, it's a bit blurry) Five Finger Death Punch's 2015 album Got Your Six, as well as a decorative cake baseball bat, a symbolic fixture often associated with the band.

"I'm proud of you," says Nova. "Thank you. I wouldn't be here without you," replies Moody.

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Each day sober is a major accomplishment and it came with the help of many other around Moody, including Judas Priest singer Rob Halford.

In an interview with Loudwire detailing his road to recovery, Moody recalls, “When I was in my fifth recovery center, Rob Halford [reached out to my manager]. He said, ‘I really want to meet this gentleman, I want to know this kid. I want him to know there’s somebody out here who understands.’ When I was in this center, we got four phone calls a day, five minute intervals. I made it a point to call him once a day … That’s one of my heroes. Taking those phone calls meant so much to me, that somebody of a different status was reaching down for me and saying, ‘It’s okay, dude. We’ve been there. I’ve been there.’”

Watch that complete interview directly below.

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From all of us at Loudwire, congratulations on five years sober, Ivan!

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