The topic of Motley Crue's farewell has become more and more prominent in recent years and it appears that all of the band members are on the same page concerning a farewell tour and a timeline as to how things will play out. But with each of the members still creatively vibrant, do you think the decision to put an end to the band is a smart one?

Both drummer Tommy Lee and frontman Vince Neil have suggested that guitarist Mick Mars' spinal condition has become a factor in how much longer they want to try to tour and there has been much discussion about going out while the band is still relevant rather than being a nostalgia act. There's a lot to be said for leaving as a band who still fills concert venues and sells records when a new album is released, thus ensuring a positive reflection amongst fans and critics rather than being seen as a shell of their former selves.

However, it could be argued that the members of Motley Crue all have much more music left in them. Nikki Sixx's band Sixx: A.M. has generated a fair share of success over the last decade. Drummer Tommy Lee has expanded his musical presence into the DJ world and can pretty much choose his creative path. Vince Neil has carved out a solid career as a solo artist and while touring may not be in the cards for Mars, the guitarist has become an in-demand songwriter. With that kind of creative talent, it could be argued that there's still plenty of good music left in the band's members that could be put to use on Motley Crue rather than calling it a career now.

So what's your take on Motley Crue's decision to plan out their farewell? Do you think it's a smart decision or will they come to regret it once moving on to other projects? Vote in our Readers Poll below: