One look at Scranton, Pa.s Motionless in White and it's safe to say that the brooding metalcore outfit aren't out to make a fluffy cheerful video. 'Abigail' needed a haunting visual to match the song's screams of fire and heresy. Frontman Chris "Motionless" Ceruli told Noisecreep the band was able to capture a modern take on the days of witch trials for 'Abigail' with the help of director Kevin Mcvey, which we are beyond proud to be premiering.

Ceruli described the performances in the video as "intense," which may be a watered down way to describe the haunting imagery of bloody kisses from an aged priest and a young girl picking out the assailant that sexually assaulted her.

Watch Motionless in White's 'Abigail' Video


According to Ceruli, the blasting music needed to shoot the video actually intruded on the filming of 'Now,' a movie that was shooting in the alley just outside that stars pop darling Justin Timberlake. "They tried to get us to shut down, but ended up sending a [production assistant] upstairs with a walkie so we could shoot in between their shots," Ceruli recalled in laughter.

"Apparently they were doing a very expensive, very 'emotional' part of the movie and could hear our performance outside. It's funny to think that our music video was potentially halting production and ruining a major motion picture."

Motionless in White's debut full-length, 'Creatures,' is out now via Fearless.