Lars Ulrich is the indirect subject of the documentary film Mission to Lars, in which a fan with a learning disability, embarks on an ocean-crossing quest to meet his hero. So, no, it's not a documentary on the inner workings and deepest thoughts that go along with being the drummer of Metallica, but a look at a man who wants nothing more than to meet Ulrich, his hero. It's a touching story, and you can meet super fan Tom Spicer by watching the trailer below.

The film will premiere at the Hackney Picturehouse in London on June directly following a Q&A session with the doc's director.

Spicer is afflicted with what's known as Fragile X Syndrome. It is a form of autism. He is focused on singular goal and that's to meet and make the acquaintance of the Metallica drummer. So his sister Kate and his brother William spring Tom from his care facility and head to London, Los Angeles and Las Vegas in hopes of meeting Lars.

Mission to Lars is a look at a man with a disability and a passion. Judging from the trailer, one might surmise he is the world's biggest Lars Ulrich fan. It's no cakewalk, either. Tom is certainly subjected to the same roadblocks as any fan trying to meet 'Tallica, but he also had to contend with his condition on top of that.

Watch Mission to Lars Trailer

Ulrich spoke to the about the film, saying "It's not something we're directly involved in, it's their film, their journey, but we're supportive of their endeavor. We don't want to take it over and have it turn into some kind of vanity project. It's a great testament into a world I didn't know much about, and a great testament to the importance of music and what it means to different people."

The film's proceeds will be donated to charity.

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