Founding Metallica member Lars Ulrich has penned a column for The Daily Beast, reminiscing about his meeting with Quentin Tarantino and the 'Kill Bill Vol. 1' collaboration that never was or ... "Probably the single biggest mistake I've made in the creative department."

"One of the most surreal 30 minutes of my life was having Q.T. six inches from my face, eyes dancing, intensely animated, explaining in intricate detail how he had written and choreographed the two main fight scenes in the film to the Metallica songs 'Enter Sandman' and 'Sad but True,'" Ulrich recalls. "Fists would impact faces on accents. Kicks would land on cymbal hits. Bodies would twirl along with the rhythm of the music. Tarantino's next-level movie magic married to Metallica music, all turned up to 11."

Despite being thoroughly bowled over by Tarantino's vision of "true cinematic poetry in motion" and "the greatest marriage between music and film the world had ever seen," Ulrich blew it. He took home the 180-page 'Kill Bill' script to read and was thoroughly delighted, "dense" with "shenanigans" as it was, but the Asian martial arts culture was too "foreign" for "this Danish head" and, perhaps, that ego. "I sat there somewhat bewildered and felt very uncool for not getting it," Ulrich explains.

He never got back to Quentin Tarantino and this never happened. Well, at least Ulrich has enough of a sense of humor to look back on the events with good spirits. Yet, we wonder how well of a fit 'Enter Sandman' would have been. Closing with "To this day I still worship the ground Q.T. walks on ... If only," Ulrich is basically begging for another chance. How about it, Q.T.?

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