Former Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch is currently fronting a new band called Love and Death which hard rock and metal fans should take note of. The combo just released a five song EP called Chemicals which features Welch's trademark guitar sound along with an array of catchy yet deadly hooks around ever corner.

Love and Death is currently out on tour with P.O.D. and RED and will be releasing their debut album later this year. Noisecreep asked bassist Michael Valentine to take part in Noisecreep's 'Five Albums That Changed My Life' series. Hey Michael, we totally agree on the live album on your list!

Nastradamus, Nas (1999)


"This album is my favorite hip hop album from the amazing bass grooves and eerie melodies to the stories that Nas talks about. I also love the way his lyrical patterns continue to keep me on edge and take me to his youth. The samples Nas uses are arrangements from the music he grew up on in New York, and will tug at the emotions of people who grew up in the same environment anywhere."

Peace Sells...But Who's Buying, Megadeth (1986)


"This one set a standard for every Megadeth album to follow. I would listen to "Wake Up Dead" every morning before school and before the day was done I had listen to the whole album like three times on my Walkman. Dave's riffs are so intricate and precise it leaves me wanting more after every song. I was one of the few people that always thought that Metallica couldn't touch them talent wise. Don't get me wrong, Metallica is amazing but they will never beat Megadeth in my eyes."

Look What the Cat Dragged In, Poison (1986)


"I was 10 years old when I was introduced to Poison, I wanted to be C.C DeVille so bad I made my mom tease my hair before school every morning. They are the pinnacle of hair metal bands from all the neon to the make-up and hair, not to mention the million guitars C.C had... to this day I listen to the tracks and still jam out to them."

Mr. Bungle, Mr. Bungle (1991)


"When I stumbled upon Bungle it blew me away, it made no sense, it was an orgy of music to my ears and made my brain itch. I didn't understand it (which I was o.k. with) but I LOVED watching people try and explain what it all means... HAHA how can someone explain chaos? Every track took me on a ride that was like a car crash. The album was WAY ahead of its time, using samples and tempo changes that came from various genera's of music. Mike Patten is a genius... NUFF SAID"

Live After Death, Iron Maiden (1985)


"My favorite band on the planet earth. I just chose a live album because ALL their albums are amazing from start to finish. They were pioneers of tight harmonies, incredible melodies, amazing story telling and they are UNTOUCHABLE live. All the time they have been together, with all their line up changes and all the ways that music has changed, they have stayed true to what is awesome about them. Steve Harris is why I switched from Guitar to Bass."

Love and Death's Chemicals EP is available now. Pick it up on iTunes today!

Tour dates:

May 2012

3 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Altar Bar (with P.O.D. and Icon for Hire)

6 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live (with P.O.D., Red and Icon for Hire)

8 - Lancaster, PA - Chameleon Club (with P.O.D., Red and Icon for Hire)

9 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance (with P.O.D., Red, Icon for Hire and Moodna Creek)

11 - Traverse City, MI - Ground Zero (with P.O.D. and Icon for Hire)

12 - Libertyville, IL - Austin's Fuel Room (with P.O.D. and Icon for Hire)

16 - Milwaukee, WI - The Rave (with P.O.D., Red and Icon for Hire)

17 - Flint, MI - The Machine Shop (with P.O.D., Red and Icon for Hire)

18 - Steger, IL - Another Hole in the Wall (with P.O.D., Red and Icon for Hire)

19 - Sikeston, MO - First United Methodist Church (Brian "Head" Welch)

22 - Asheville, NC - The Orange Peel (with P.O.D., Red and Icon for Hire)

24 - Memphis, TN - New Daisy Theatre (with P.O.D., Red and Icon for Hire)

25 - Artesia, NM - The Jahva House (Brian "Head" Welch)

June 2012

9 - Barnegat, NJ - Bayside Chapel (Brian "Head" Welch)

21 - Wilmore, KY - Ichthus

26 - Dunn Loring, VA - The Vine

28 - Shirleysburg, PA - Creation Northeast

30 - Charlotte, NC - Invasion (Brian "Head" Welch)

July 2012

11 - Oshkosh, WI - Sunnyview Fairgrounds

12 - Willmar, MN - Sonshine Festival

21 - Enumclaw, WA - Creation Northwest

28 - Loveland, CO - HeavenFest (Brian "Head" Welch)

31 - Parmelee, SD - Rosebud Sioux Tribe Fairgrounds

August 2012

2 - Midland, TX - Rock the Desert

3 - Gilford, NH - Soulfest (Brian "Welch" Head)

11 - Clarksburg, WV - Jesus Fest (Brian "Welch" Head)

17 - Great Falls, MT - DownPour Christian Music Festival

26 - Stephens City, VA - Abundant Life Church (Brian "Head" Welch)

31 - Worthing, SD - Lifelight Festival

Listen to "Chemicals" From Love and Death

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