Children require a lot of patience, and as we see in Love and Death's new video for 'Meltdown,' the band's last nerves are tested during a day as employees of a youth-oriented entertainment establishment.

The band's members, decked out in their yellow t-shirts and beaver-stuffed headwear, are subjected to all sorts of unruly behavior from the kids taking part in the festivities. Band leader Brian "Head" Welch takes the worst of it, landing on the wrong end of a failed piñata swing. The unruly youths torment not only the band members but also the establishment's fully dressed beaver mascot, who takes a beating in the name of entertainment.

As the hard-rocking yet melodic chorus unspools the lyrics "You know that I am heading for a meltdown," you can guess what's coming next. Each of the members almost come to blows with the youths with only the manager standing in their way. So rather than venting through violence, they let the music do the talking.

As the four members take the stage, Love and Death unleash the fury live with the kids and the manager truly being "blown away" by the performance.

'Meltdown' is featured on Love and Death's 'Between Here & Lost' album that arrived earlier this summer. The album is currently available via iTunes.

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