Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich will be featured as a guest panelist on Craig Ferguson’s new History Channel show, Join or Die. With other guests, Ulrich will be part of a discussion about the most influential band of all time.

Metallica has a rich history with Craig Ferguson. Ferguson spent 10 years hosting The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson on CBS, departing in late 2014. Metallica performed during the entirety of a full week near the end of Ferguson’s hosting the show, sending him off in tremendous fashion.

Lars Ulrich will be on tonight’s (March 31) episode of Join or Die along with comedian Tom Papa and accomplished rock journalist Alan Light (Rolling Stone / Vibe / Spin). The trio of guests, along with Ferguson, will take part in the roundtable discussion on history’s most influential band.

In a teaser for this episode of Join or Die, Ferguson calls this discussion “the most hotly contested we’ve ever had.” The preview doesn’t necessarily give away who any of the participants have chosen as their pick for most influential band, but Ulrich does bring up Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. “Keith Richards will outlive us all,” says the drummer before Ferguson adds, “He will survive the apocalypse.”

The episode of Join or Die will air tonight on the History Channel at 11PM ET / 10PM CT.

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