Want to be in a Metallica video? Will you be around the Bay Area this coming week? Then here's your chance. The band has announced that they will be "doing some filming in the Bay Area" this coming week and they've posted three casting calls for people to appear in what they're shooting.

The first casting call is seeking male and female "street fighter" types, in the age range of 21-55. They will be casting multiple roles of all ethnicities who can engage in some lightly choreographed fighting. The shoot will take place over the course of Oct. 11-12 in Marin County and downtown San Francisco.

The second casting call is simply seeking rabid Metallica fans of all ages, sexes and ethnicities who are local to the San Francisco Bay Area who are ready to cheer on the band while they perform. This casting call is a night shoot that will take place as Oct. 11 turns to Oct. 12.

The third casting call is also seeking rabid Metallica fan of all ages, sexes and ethnicities who are ready to cheer on the band's performance, but this one is not specified as a night shoot. It also takes place Oct. 11 and 12.

For each of these casting calls, those interested are asked to email sammy@thenewcast.com with the title: Metallica Casting Call #1, Metallica Casting Call #2 or Metallica Casting Call #3 in the subject line. Those submitting are asked to include their full name, age, contact info and cell number, availability and four images including full body and head shots.

For additional information, check out the casting call notice at Metallica's website.

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