Metallica and their Colombian fans pulled off an incredible feat of charity at the band’s Nov. 1 gig in Bogota. Metallica asked concertgoers to bring nonperishable goods to the show and the effort brought in nine tons of food for disadvantaged children and abandoned animals.

According to RNC Radio, the initiative began with a Colombian Metallica fan club called Lords of Hardwire. The cause was started to benefit the indigenous Wayuú community in La Guajira. Sadly, more than 4770 Wayuú children have died in the last eight years from malnourishment and dehydration.

Humans won’t be the only ones benefiting from this massive influx of food. Some of the gathered goods will also be given to the Challenger and Furry Hearts charities, an independent network of 40 families who help feed abandoned animals and find them forever homes.

When presented with the idea of a food drive at their Nov. 1 concert, Metallica jumped at the idea to be a part of it. Thanks to Lords of Hardwire bringing their cause to Metallica’s attention, roughly 18,000 pounds of food will be donated to humans and animals desperately in need.

Kudos go out to Metallica, Lords of Hardwire, the fans and the charities involved with this food drive. Keep making this world a better place through the power of metal!

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