Metalcore veterans Bullet for My Valentine are gearing up for a month-long trek through Europe and had been teasing their fans the world over in recent weeks with the promise of a new song. It's finally here in the form of the music video for "Don't Need You," a bombastic track with a slew of tempo changes.

The song takes a bit to get going, slowly building the atmosphere over the first minute of the track as classical-styled synths set up what comes next. Vocalist / guitarist Matt Tuck can be heard fading into the forefront with his clean-toned singing and it's almost expected that the song will segue into a joyous refrain.

Instead, the song truly kicks off in a reckless nature with a driving rhythm and Tuck's aggressive, harsh screaming. The song plays around with tempos, never content to remain in one gear for too long, shifting all over the place, making "Don't Need You" a thrillride.

"It's not really a 'doomed' wedding as such… It's really just a take on a concept I had," said Tuck. "There's this beautiful ceremony, and it appears to be all about love and trust, but there's this undercurrent of mistrust and bulls--t to go with it. The church we filmed it in is perfect. It's not your typical wedding venue — it's really run-down and dirty. We thought that contrast would be really cool to have with the idea of the video. We wanted it to look really grand and ornate, but underneath it all, it's a bit dirty."

With the European tour launching today (Nov. 7), Bullet will stay on the road without their regular drummer Michael 'Moose' Thomas as he's decided to remain home with his wife and new daughter. He posted a statement on the band's Facebook page, thanking the fans for all the well wishes and gifts his family has received and also stated, "Many of you have been asking when I’m back… With the cycle almost over I’ve decided to take the rest of the year off to be with my family, whilst the band carry on kicking ass and finish the cycle with Europe and U.K. shows."

For a list of all European tour dates, head here.

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