Tony MacAlpine: Still Shredding After All These Years
In his 25-year career, guitar maestro Tony MacAlpine has helped redefine hard rock through his stunning solo albums and work with groundbreaking progressive rockers Planet X. His guitar hero status was cemented during the '80s when players from Omaha to Osaka mimicked his mind-bending solos from albums like 1985's 'Edge of Sanity' and 1987's 'Maximum Security...
Megadeth Drummer Shawn Drover — Your iPod Is Showing
"I have always said that I like everything from Marduk to Mozart, and this pretty much proves it," Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover tells Noisecreep in reference to his 'Your iPod Is Showing' submission. He's not kidding. Drover's iPod list starts with Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons,' ends with Pat Travers' 'Gettin' Betta' and features a broad variety of classic rock, classic metal, neo-classi
Top 10 Guitarists of the Shred Era
Heavy metal became big business in the 1980s. MTV's emergence early in the decade had a profound effect on the scene, and during no other time did major labels sign more metal and hard rock bands. The main scenes that sprung up during that decade were thrash and what many called hair or glam metal -- plus let's not forget all of their many offshoots...