"She's a tried and true rock star. She can handle the stage like no one's business. I wouldn't have done Diamond Baby if I didn't believe in her," Matt Sorum tells Noisecreep about his wife, Ace Harper. Under the stage name Ace of Diamonds, Harper fronts Diamond Baby, an electro-rock band that features Sorum on drums.

"Ace is the epitome of someone who lives the rock lifestyle. Her style, her whole vibe – it's the complete package. I've felt that from the day I met her. She gets up in the morning dressed like Marianne Faithfull to get her coffee [laughs]. She is the music and she's hungry. I love working with her," says Sorum.

The former Guns N' Roses drummer thinks the well-documented music industry downturn might be changing soon. "In this business you have to really want it – especially these days. Being a new band and trying to break through is tougher than ever. Thank God for bands like Mumford and Sons. I never thought they would have become as big as they have. They're playing Americana folk music and they're from England – it's crazy! That tells me that musical climate might be changing for the good. Rock 'n' roll will also come back commercially and you know what, it always has."

Watch 'The Last Rockstar' From Diamond Baby

Sorum says Diamond Baby's live shows were partly inspired by electronic-leaning artists. "When I would go see bands like Muse and Depeche Mode, I would think to myself, "F---, this is heavy!" They had the electronic thing happening, but it rocked. That's what I wanted Diamond Baby to be. I can't wait for people to see us live. We've got the rock edge, but with the synth-bass and dance thing happening. The sound is fat, like Nine Inch Nails. We'll also have all of the lights and cool stage look.

"My wife has that Deborah Harry kind of vibe happening too. You can also see a bit of the Cherie Curie thing in her too. But I want everyone to check out Diamond Baby live so you can see for yourself. It's a really killer live show."

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