Mastodon's PR team reminded us that it's about 500 hours until the band unleashes 'The Hunter.' In order to pass a few minutes of those 500 hours, the band has issued a graphic audio clip/viral video for the song 'Spectrelight.' The mind f---king visuals complement the gritty, nasty nature of the song, which features band friend and like-minded musician Scotty Kelly of Neurosis fame.

There's lots of reds and yellows in the visuals, and some brain cell destroying riffery, to boot. Those 500 hours seem like an eternity. In case your arithmetic isn't great, Mastodon's 'The Hunter' drops on Sept. 27.

The band also teased that lots of new info is coming in the next few days, such as tour information and more. Yeah, we're psyched.

Kelly, who has provided vocal assists to Mastodon in the past, commented on his relationship wth these metal game changers, saying, "Mastodon approaches their sound honestly and from a mind at unity. I am honored to continue to be a part of their creative process, and to once again have the chance to join them on this expression that is undoubtedly their most adventurous work to date."

Watch 'Spectrelight' from Mastodon'

The lyrics for 'Spectrelight' are as follows:

We trip the light

Firebird flies

Burn your inside

Given a lesson

The path I've shown

Follow all I know into the Spectralight

Into the afterlife It came from the ocean

Gift from the sea Lava forms the stone

Belief in power Believe the truth

Trust your own truth

into the Spectralight

Into the afterlife You listen through the light

Tolling on the sea

Barren eyes behind you

Leave the shadows waking dreams Rising through the door Writing with a knife

Cut speech

cut light cut chord and break the dawning wretch of silence

Trust your own truth

souls of the fallen death of the Godhead

listen and breathe