I thought I saw a few kids in the front crying because they were watching their favorite band come to life. But no, that was just the reflection of William Murderface, Skwisgaar Skwigelf, Nathan Explosion, Pickles and Toki Wartooth gleaming in their eyes. That's right, we're talking Dethklok.

A fast, growling "Dethklok! Dethklok! Dethklok!" came from all directions as a sold-out Hammerstein Ballroom hummed the 'Metalocalypse' theme song on Friday night. It was the second night the band played the 3,400 capacity venue.

Brendon Small's animated creation is not just a cartoon band, however. Their sophomore effort, 'Dethalbum II,' debuted at 15 on the Billboard 200. Dethklok are still sweeping the nation with a giant LCD screen and some giant talent to add -- Mastodon, Converge and High on Fire.


Just 30 minutes before Dethklok had their mics wiped down, Atlanta's masters of metal proved how powerful their most prog-rock influenced release, 'Crack the Skye,' could be. Guitarist Brent Hinds sported silver spandex and a curly black afro wig in the spirit of Halloween. But nothing about Mastodon's heavy set was funny, unlike the spirit of Dethklok's time on stage. However, if you were watching the screaming girl next to me jump up and down with her boyfriend in between every 'Skye' song -- yeah, that was pretty funny.

On Nov. 4, Mastodon releases 'Oblivion' the band's latest EP via Reprise Records.