Imagine having never gotten a plane in your life, and then suddenly you're traveling around the world with a metal band as a guitar tech. That was the case for Jake Hobbs, who's been working with Lamb of God's Mark Morton.

The pair met at an arcade in Kentucky while Hobbs was simply a fan of Lamb of God. "We just developed a legitimate, real friendship," Morton explained in an episode of Live Nation's "Backstage With Crew Nation," which features the duo discussing their relationship over a video call.

"Then I found myself in a situation where I had trouble keeping a guitar tech," the guitarist laughed. He then turned and asked Hobbs to be his tech. "I came to Mark's house. That was the first time I'd ever been on an airplane, I had never flown until I flew to your house," Hobbs added.

Hobbs had a stable job prior to taking up Morton's offer, but it was one he couldn't resist. "I'd kind of topped out of my career path. I didn't think there was much room for moving up," he admitted.

The first time the tech ever worked a show with Morton was in India. He's since had the opportunity to work with other bands as well, and Morton praised his skills as a guitarist.

This episode with Morton was the first installment of the "Backstage With Crew Nation" series, which will be featured on Live Nation's "Live From Home" hub. Watch the full video below.

Live Nation launched their Crew Nation Fund in April to raise money for tour and venue crews that were affected by show cancelations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Backstage With Crew Nation" - Mark Morton

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