What do you do when a thrash metal legend comes to visit? Jam, for sure. But Lamb of God's Mark Morton offered another activity you likely never considered, as Testament's Chuck Billy also made some time to played the generations old children's game Candy Land with his young daughter.

Morton was revisiting Lamb of God's self-titled album, offering insights on the songs along the way for #TimsListeningParty. When it came to "Routes," Morton noted the guest spot by the Testament singer, before sharing, "Chuck once played Candyland with my daughter on our back patio. I have the picture to prove it." Then a day later he produced that adorable photo on Twitter.

Billy is seen holding a spinner, while Morton is preparing to move his game piece and his daughter appears to be turning for the camera.

Other notable insights from the listening party included that "Bloodshot Eyes" once carried the demo title "Marks Special Valentine" as he initially recorded the track on Valentine's Day and that "Reality Bath" includes some of his favorite lyrics that Randy Blythe has ever written.

The deluxe edition of Lamb of God's self-titled set is on track to arrive March 26.

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