On July 29, Osiris Presents gave Brooklyn, N.Y. a hearty roster of praiseworthy death metal. The list included Humanity Falls, Mutant Supremacy and Malevolent Creation. Just before playing 'Soaked in Hell,' Mutant Supremacy guitarist Sam Awry told fans at Europa, "This song is for all the ladies. Because without you, death metal would just be a bunch of sweaty dudes." Only a song or two later they played Death's 'Zombie Ritual' -- unleashing a headbanging coma for some attendees.

Between Humanity Falls scaring the crap out of everyone with their Gorgutsian-Discordance Axis brutality and Mutant Supremacy's old school Morbid Angel worship, I don't know how anyone had the energy for Malevolent Creation. Yet merciless headbanging and a barbaric mosh pit persisted throughout the Floridians set.

Justina Villanueva
Justina Villanueva

"I'm having fun with you mother f---ers tonight. Thank you all for coming out," Malevolent Creation frontman Brett Hoffman said. They played 'Ten Commandments'-era songs like 'Multiple Stab Wounds' and 'Malevolent Creation.'

"Ain't no fun touring with this guy right here. He got weird noises coming out of his mouth and weird smells coming out of his ass," Hoffman said about bassist Jason Blachowicz -- who allegedly farted on stage. "We're gonna play a slow one now, 'cause you guys love the slow s---, right? Yeah, right." Hoffman warned the crowd about 'Infernal Desires.' It was not a slow jam, but everyone did love it.

"We're getting sick in the rotten apple tonight!" Hoffman said, finally finding a way to make the uber-commercial big apple metal sounding.

All three bands have new material available. On Aug. 24 Nuclear Blast drops Malevolent Creation's new album, 'Invidious Dominion.' Mutant Supremacy have just self-released 'Infinite Suffering,' and Humanity Falls are giving away 'Ordaining the Apocalpyse.'

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