Madina Lake have spoken out after Justin Pivec, the man who viciously beat bassist Matthew Leone while Leone played the Good Samaritan and intervened in a fight between Pivec and his wife, was found not guilty of attempted murder of his wife. Leone tried to stop the altercation which unfolded in Chicago in June 2010 and was beaten unconscious and left with multiple brain injuries, including having a piece of his skull removed to relive pressure and swelling.

Leone's bandmate and twin brother Nathan posted a note on the band Facebook, writing: "We're utterly baffled and shocked to get a Not-Guilty verdict in the Justin Pivec attempted murder case. Admittedly we're not well versed in the justice system but today a vicious coward was given a free pass for beating his wife and almost killing my brother. This has taken a tremendous toll on all of us for two years and though we're devastated... We will continue to focus on the positive, which is that Matthew is still with us and hopefully this has spread awareness for victims of domestic violence. More later as we attempt to comprehend this." The charge of aggravated battery and causing serious bodily harm to Leone is still pending. [Facebook]

Watch Goatwhore's "When Steel and Bone Meet" Video

Goatwhore need your help, metalheads! The band is hitting the road on Summer Slaughter and they need a little help aka fan financial contribution to rent a van, which be more environmentally friendly. Donations can be made via ChipIn. The band wrote, "We are embarking on a 7-week long national tour later this summer that will take us all over the United States and parts of Canada. While some people may think that being active in the music business and going on tour may be financially prosperous, that is not always the case. Our goal is to be able to rent a new and different touring vehicle for this upcoming tour. Our usual mode of transportation is a 15-passenger van which gets roughly 9 mpg pulling our loaded trailer. This new vehicle will be much more comfortable and take some of the stress of the road off of us. More importantly, it gets upwards of 20 mpg pulling a loaded trailer. This will account for considerable fuel savings as well as a reduction in emissions due to the vehicles clean burning ultra low sulphur diesel engine. We are inviting fans to ChipIn to our cause to be able to feasibly rent this vehicle from mid-July to late August." [ChipIn]

Immerse yourself in Whitechapel's world for three minutes, as the deathcorists have released the first in a series of in-studio videos filmed during the recording process of their new self-titled release, out May 19. Watch the band talk about the tracking of the drums. [Metal Blade Records]

Six Feet Under have shared another new track from Undead. Today's prime cut is "Frozen at the Moment of Death' and it's a bloody taste of the album, due May 22. Vocalist and death merchant Chris Barnes said, "Creating an album is a lot of work and a lot of focus, but we didn't really have too many hiccups in the recording. It went really smooth, and it was pretty much the most effortless album we've ever tracked. I had a great, great time working on this album; it was so much fun because everything seemed so new again." Listen now! [Metal Hammer Germany]

Doom haulers Katatonia issued a studio update, with vocalist Jonas Renkse confirming that "vocals [were] done a few days ago, now checking through every song to make sure this baby is ready for mix!" We're excited for the final product. [Brave Words]