Costumed, monstrous and sometimes controversial Lordi are on the precipice of their fifth studio album, the deliciously titled 'Babez for Breakfast,' which is due out Sept. 14 via The End Records. Vocalist Mr. Lordi even said, "[It's] a Frankenstein monster made out of bits and pieces of members of Twisted Sister, Kiss, W.A.S.P. and Alice Cooper, to name only a few."

While Lordi hail from Finland, they are heavily influenced by American culture, be it pop music, horror films or comics, making them "the most American band in Finland." But Mr. Lordi doesn't look solely to stomach-churning American horror movies to influence his music. Even cuddly, family fare like 'E.T.' and 'The Muppet Show' have a sphere of influence in Lordi's world, as do ribs and steaks.

"Well, my favorite movies are 'Evil Dead II' and 'E.T.,'" Mr. Lordi told Noisecreep. "Yep, the latter is not a typo. But I love 'Elm Street' flicks, 'TCM' and pretty much all the zombie movies, too. And the American remakes of classic horror films are usually terrific. Um, what else? I am a 'Muppet Show' fanatic. ... I love Marvel comics, especially ['The Incredible Hulk.'] I have a tattoo of him, too."

Mr. Lordi -- who said 'Babez for Breakfast' tastes "greasy ... kinda like fatty and oily tartar steak" -- also revealed that the band narrowly missed being trapped by the floods that decimated Tennessee earlier this year, as the band recorded 'Babez' in the region. "We just barely escaped that," he said. "But the nature still got us good. We got stuck for a week in New York because of the ash cloud from Iceland."

Lordi's gruesome hard rock is once again on its way to America.