Brian Johnson currently resides on the sidelines as AC/DC remain committed to their European and U.S. tour dates with Axl Rose at the vocal helm. The singer was forced off tour, risking total hearing loss if he performed onstage again with the rock titans. Now, the legendary frontman will be taking steps to pursue a means that may see him return to the band.

Last week, inventor of the in-ear monitor Steve Ambrose pitched a solution he believes can solve Johnson's hearing issue. The wheels are in motion as the innovator is happy to report [via Classic Rock], "Due to everyone's tremendous support, Brian and I spoke yesterday. What a gracious man. He and his wife invited me to visit them next week."

During an interview discussing the first AC/DC show with Axl Rose, bassist Cliff Williams described the hearing issues that plagued Johnson on the tour. “He had an instance where there was a marked drop in his ear — in that one good ear — and it came back, not completely. The doc told him ‘This can happen again and it may not come back,'" he said.

Ambrose further commented on his excitement to work with Johnson, adding, "If anyone deserves to benefit from my research it's Brian, who's been giving incomparable performances for years, despite increased hearing loss. I'm going to do my utmost to see if our breakthroughs can help him. If I'm successful I'm sure Brian will let everyone know. Please pray for our success next week."

The inventor has created a film, the Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens (ADEL), which differentiates between static pressure and sound pressure, removing the latter. The result is a higher fidelity audio experience with a significantly reduced risk of hearing damage.

Fans around the world have been expressing their condolences towards Johnson, giving him their support through this turbulent time. One fan made an attempt to finally fulfill a lifelong goal of meeting the singer, dropping by his house. When it became apparent nobody was home, he left a letter in the mailbox. “Now ready to go away when suddenly he and his wife arrive. What a moment," the fan exclaimed [via AC/DC Brasil]. "I introduced myself and told him the reason for being there, and both he and his wife, were very gracious and kind to us.”

“So then he told his wife that he wanted us to enter a little," the fan continued. "Now, inside the house of this legend, we talked about the band, about his hearing problem, how I became a fan and things like that. He showed my son his race cars and my son sang ‘T.NT.’ [with] him. He was a true ‘gentleman.'”

Revealing to the fan he has already been seeking treatments for his hearing issue, Johnson said he is taking injections and "is very positive." After telling the icon the fans want him back fronting AC/DC, he said "you're a nice guy."

AC/DC performed their first show with Axl Rose up front over the weekend. The band took the stage in Portugal on May 7, where Rose belted out classics like "Thunderstruck" and "Back in Black" from the revamped guitar throne still on loan from Dave Grohl. The singer broke a bone in his foot at the first Guns N' Roses show with the new lineup at the Troubadour in Hollywood. Rose is on the mend, however, and expects to be out of the boot cast relatively soon.

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