Santa Clara, Calif. quartet LoNero are so badass that they invented their own genre: guitarcore. After listening to their upcoming 'J.F.L.' album, Noisecreep has determined that the stylistic tag means a combination of hard rock hooks, jazzed-up rhythms, and driving guitar riffs. The all-instrumental quartet is led by guitarist Bill Lonero, a player possessing a fluidity and tastefulness that brings to mind Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson.

Produced by Michael Rosen (Metallica, Testament), 'J.F.L.' is the type of instrumental record that doesn't have to be heard by a Musician's Institute graduate to be appreciated. Noisecreep is psyched to give our readers the premiere of 'Little Bastard,' one of the most choice cuts on LoNero's upcoming album.

Listen to 'Little Bastard'

Guitarist Bill Lonero recently told Noisecreep about the inspiration behind 'Little Bastard.'

"The song is a tribute to the great James Dean," he said. "He lived fast and he lived life on his terms. Dean's life was cut abruptly at 24 years old, so I wanted this song to give that feeling. During the solo it feels like it's going to fall apart and lose control. I love playing this song because the melodies speak to me. They aren't endless six string blathering. To me, they tell a story. Whether you use vocals or not, a song should always tell a story."

'J.F.L.' comes out on May 24th via Nightmare Records.