Lita Ford recently went with Metal Injection to Matt Umanov Guitars in New York City to look at guitars. During the visit, the singer-guitarist talked about her teenage years, what she looks for in a guitar and the state of women in heavy metal.

Ford reminisced about high school, when she and her friends would skip school every day to go to someone’s house and jam. Ford picked up a cream-colored Gibson SG Custom. She said that her first electric guitar was a chocolate-colored Gibson SG, and she paid $350 for it brand new.

Ford stated that at the time she never thought about the lack of women in rock and roll. “I didn’t have any female role models to look up to,” said the singer. “So I just went ahead and played what I wanted to play, not thinking about the fact that I’m a chick, and chicks don’t play guitar.” She said there are more women in metal now than there ever were. “I can go to my grave with that in my heart and rest in peace, knowing that I helped.”

Ford talked about her preference for vintage guitars. She compared vintage guitars to vintage cars, saying both have a certain look and feel to them that aren’t found in today’s modern fare. With acoustic guitars, she is fond of Taylors. She also likes old Gibson Les Paul Customs and old B.C. Riches.

The Queen of Metal offered her advice to anyone looking to buy a guitar. She said the first thing to look at is the neck. She suggests that it shouldn’t be too fat or too skinny, and anyone shopping for a guitar should find a neck that’s comfortable for his or her hand.

Ford has a new live album, titled 'The Bitch Is Back … Live,' coming out on SPV/Steamhammer. It should hit shelves Oct. 28. Her most recent studio album, 'Living Like a Runaway,' came out last year. She will be touring the U.S. next month. For tour dates, check her website.


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