Want to see Linkin Park play a secret show at a small venue? Well, your dream could come true on August 31st, and for a good cause, to boot. In a cryptic video released by the band, Mike Shinoda reveals that you can "see Linkin Park play at a very small venue, so small I could fit it inside my hands." Wow, that's really small. But we get Shinoda's point, since LP plays arenas.

Go here for more details about the show and how you can participate. Essentially, the band is challenging those who support the Music For Relief charity to help raise money for Japan Tsunami Relief in order to gain access to a private, small, sure-to-be-a-hot-ticket show.

Here are the details: Every supporter who raises at least $500 will be invited, with a guest, to enjoy a private Linkin Park concert intimate venue in the Los Angeles area. The location of the show will be disclosed to those who reach their fundraising goal. It begs the question that once the first participant raises their $500, can't he or she blab about the location of the show? Perhaps their is some sort of confidentiality agreement? We don't know.

Fundraising is open right now through August 24th and the band has sweetened the pot for do gooders. Exclusive experiences are reserved for those who raise more than the standard $500. The top 50 fundraisers will attend a meet and greet with Linkin Park band members, while the top 10 will also receive signed instruments from the band. The top fundraiser overall will be invited to watch the show from the stage! These are all great prizes, so stop reading and start raising money for the people of Japan, who desperately need your help.

The show will also feature B'z, Japan's best-selling artist in history. The band appeared on Music For Relief's Download to Donate campaign and are involved in various relief efforts to help re-build their homeland.

Watch the Video Message From Linkin Park.

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