Linkin Park flexed their creative muscles at the iTunes Festival in London recently, performing Adele's massive pop hit, 'Rolling in the Deep.' It's quite the unconventional and atypical route for Linkin Park to go, as they don't normally cover other artists. But Adele is a special case.

The band shows off a sensitive side that is not often audible in a rock band with their gentle and quite pretty take on a heartbreaking song. Noisecreep has to acknowledge Chester Bennington, who really takes a rather large risk here, since Adele is known for her powerful, neo soul pipes and the song calls for all sorts of range and pitches. He does a great job with the higher notes.

We're just glad to see, er, hear a rock band cover something out of the ordinary, instead of the usual suspects like Pantera's 'Walk' or Metallica 'Master of Puppets.'

Watch Linkin Park perform 'Rolling in the Deep'