Don't tell Fred Durst, but Limp Bizkit's 'Gold Cobra' has been labeled the worst album cover of 2011 (so far) by leading pop music site PopCrush. There have been some pretty heinous covers this year and we're not going to argue, since the 'Cobra' cover is pretty ugly. It's an animated rendering, with three scantily clad, black-haired chicks pressed up against one another, with their hair tumbling down their shoulders while they're sticking their tongues out. A serpent looks ready to strike behind them.

But this cobra isn't gold. It appears as though Durst and co. have tried to recreate the whole temptation in the garden Biblical scene sans Adam and with three Eves. At least that's how we're interpreting it and even that's a stretch.

Interscope Records
Interscope Records

'Gold Cobra' was positioned to be the Bizkit's comeback album and while it hasn't impacted our world like an atom bomb, that likely has nothing to do with the cover. Maybe the metal and hard rock scene just isn't ready for another infusion of the LB at this point in time.. As our friends at MetalSucks once wrote: Suck our 'Gold Cobra.'

Check out the rest of PopCrush's hilarious list here and see if you agree with Limp Bizkit's 'Gold Cobra' landing atop the list of Worst Album Covers of 2011 so far.

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