It isn't just Limp Bizkit that's back. Frontman Fred Durst is also back. Durst was once at the forefront of the rock world, discovering bands like Staind and Puddle of Mudd, who went on to sell millions of records themselves. He flirted with the pop/celeb universe, hinting to Howard Stern on his morning radio show that he had a dalliance with diva Britney Spears when she had rock hard abs and wasn't considering reproduction.

Then he went off the grid like John Connor from 'Terminator' for much of the latter part of the '00s. Well, Durst has been creeping back onto the radar, what with Limp Bizkit touring again. Bizkit are currently laying waste to venues in Europe, even though their summer tour was can canceled and supposed to be rescheduled for fall and winter.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Durst is also directing his third feature film. The third film is dubbed 'Pawn Shop Chronicles,' and it follows a protagonist through a world of skinheads and meth heads thanks to a missing wedding ring. The film is slated to go into production early next year.

For those keeping score at home, Durst's prior cinematic works were 2007's 'The Education of Charlie Banks' and 2008's 'The Long Shots.'

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