The legal last name to Autarch, vocalist for Lightning Swords of Death, is Loathing. If that doesn't prove that the group consists of some evil dudes, then just wait until you see the menaces live. Aug. 17, the thrashy black metallers filled New York's Lit Lounge basement with sweat, blood -- from their own bodies, not from a butcher shop -- and fog.

Need a better picture? Imagine if Watain was from Los Angeles, left behind the maggots and had some doomier parts. In other words, Lightning Swords of Death don't dress in theatrical costume. Just leather and bullet belts. And their sound is as fierce as their attitude. Just signed to Metal Blade, the foursome expect to have a record out in early 2010. In the meantime, you'll have to settle for 2007's 'The Golden Plague,' which is hardly settling.

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