Life of Agony drummer Sal Abruscato has formed a new project, A Pale Horse Named Death where he transitions from behind the kit to the front of the stage as guitarist-vocalist. It's a big change, but Abruscato, also late of Type O Negative, is up for the new challenge.

"It's hard in a different way," Abruscato told Noisecreep about changing roles. "Concentrating on singing and staying in tune is a job in itself. Then throw some guitar on there? Well you get the picture. But it's easier in other ways than playing drums, which is like running a marathon to the finish line!" Despite having to make adjustments, Abruscato digs switching roles, saying, "I get to live out my alter ego and feel musically free."

Given Abruscato's history with Type O and Life of Agony, he thinks familiarity may rouse the interest of fans of his former and other band. "Maybe the familiarity to the fans that they know me," he said. "Some musical influence might be heard here and there that might make them feel automatically connected to APHND, but I am hoping to make our own mark."

Abruscato is confident about A Pale Horse Named Death having a bright future, too. "What you need to know is that we are destined for success and a huge following," he said. "The music will continue to stay dark and we are already working on ideas for the next album. The other cool thing is that we have a interactive website that fans can join and band members are always lurking on there so you can ask us questions. We hope to reach all our fans and make new fans all over the world." Go here to partake in web fun with APHND.

Abruscato's former Type O bandmate Johnny Kelly will handle live drumming duties at APHND shows so check the site to find out when the band will be playing out.