Life of AgonyBrooklyn's Life of Agony will release '20 Years Strong: Live in Brussels' via I Scream Records on July 27. The audio was recorded on April 3 at the band's gig at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium, which was the second show of their European '20 Years Strong' tour -- where they performed their debut, 'River Runs Red,' lauded by most as a modern classic, in its entirety.

The release will be offered in a digipak combo configuration, featuring a CD of the entire show and a DVD that boasts 10 camera angles from the show, a road documentary and other features.

Life of Agony, who also played 'River Runs Red' from back to front for a few U.S. shows in late 2009, have endured, as has their iconic, red circle logo, which is displayed prominently in the artwork. "When I designed the Life of Agony logo back when we first started, it was all hand drawn," bassist Alan Robert told Noisecreep. "I wasn't using computers at all back then, so it was a little tricky getting those pesky skull shapes identical. Anyway, the logo became so popular among our fans that LOA tattoos started to pop up everywhere!"

The symbol has achieved such definitive status for a very simple reason which connects directly to the band members as a unit. according to Robert. "I've always thought of the symbol as a visual representation of our four heads together making this one entity," he said. "We've learned some valuable lessons over 20 years of being a band. The most important one being that each one of us brings something unique and special to the group. It's a very special chemistry that just works."

'20 Years Strong: Live in Brussels' track list

1. 'This Time'

2. 'Underground'

3. 'River Runs Red'

4. 'Through and Through'

6. 'Bad Seed'

7. 'My Eyes'

8. 'Respect'

9. 'Method of Groove'

10. 'The Stain Remains'

11. 'Other Side of the River'

12. 'Love to Let You Down'

13. 'Weeds'

14. 'Lost at 22'