When Dave Witte isn't rocking the drums with Municipal Waste, he's got a surfeit of other projects going on. But sadly, his activities with harrowing noise band Burnt by the Sun seem to be coming to an end. Hours after joining us on ''Creep Show,' Witte headed into band rehearsal for the only scheduled U.S. Burnt gig, Oct. 2 in New York (an additional 18 shows are lined up in Europe). Of course, Witte's got a huge schedule lined up with Municipal in the U.S. and abroad.

And when he's not out promoting their latest offering, 'Massive Aggressive,' he'll be jamming with hardcore band Birds of Prey and savoring microbrews at his favorite bars.

During Witte's ''Creep Show' appearance, he talked about the creation of the new Municipal Waste album, the influence of classic thrash, the greatest beer in the world and the end of Burnt by the Sun.

Joining Witte on this week's program were Noisecreep news columnist Chris Harris, Revolver senior writer and Noisecreep scribe Jon Wiederhorn, 'Late Night With Alice Cooper' producer Katherine Turman, 'HardDrive' producer Roxy Myzal and Metal Injection co-founder Robert Pasbani.

Aside from talking about Municipal and gushing about Burnt By the Sun, the panelists and Witte debated about whether or not Kiss are going to be elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, what might have happened to Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory, who mysteriously disappeared for a spell in Vegas and whether Sebastian Bach is hung like a horse (and why he's appearing on 'Celebrity Fit Club'). Then there was the discussion about why Marilyn Manson decided to tell the world he has swine flu.

We also discussed this week's new releases, including our top pick, Alice in Chains' awesome comeback album 'Black Gives Way to Blue,' Melvins' crazy-cool 'Chicken Scratch,' Hatebreed's storming 'Hatebreed,' and the Gates of Slumber's doomy 'Hymns of Blood and Thunder."

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