In the span of seven years, Virginia metallers Lamb of God have risen from the depths of the underground to become one of the biggest metal bands of the 21st century. Need proof? This summer, Lamb of God will be touring with Korn and Rob Zombie as part of the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, and to mark the occasion, the band will be releasing a series of anthology releases, collecting Lamb of God's six studio LPs in a number of convenient packages.

With the band's last record, 'Wrath,' in stores for more than a year now and no immediate plans to return to the studio, Lamb of God is tiding fans over with "Hourglass: The Ultimate Anthology,' which drops June 1. The 'Ultimate Anthology' box set will features 180 gram vinyl editions of the band's six records, including 'Wrath,' 2006's 'Sacrament,' 2004's 'Ashes Of The Wake,' 2003's Devin Townsend-produced 'As The Palaces Burn,' 2000's 'New American Gospel' and 1999's 'Burn the Priest.' The box will boast special packaging, and more details will be released in the coming months.

In addition, Lamb of God will be releasing two CD and digital versions of the box, also on June 1. 'Hourglass Volume I – The Underground Years' will include tracks from the band's pre-major label days, like 'Bloodletting,' 'Resurrection #9,' 'Pariah,' and 'Vigil' while 'Hourglass Volume II – The Epic Years' will feature songs from the band's most recent releases, including 'Walk With Me In Hell,' 'Redneck,' 'The Faded Line,' and 'Now You've Got Something to Die For.'

A fourth release, called 'Hourglass: The CD Anthology,' will also drop on June 1 and feature both CD installments as a single double-disc set.

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