Release days are still something very special for Korn, and with the arrival of The Nothing on Friday (Sept. 13), the band decided they wanted to do something for the fans. Whereas a few years back, they booked the Ace Theater in Los Angeles for a full on concert backed by SiriusXM to promote The Serenity of Suffering, The Nothing required something a little more intimate this time around.

Dedicated fans in the Los Angeles area were welcomed to a nondescript studio/warehouse Friday night for an invite-only mini-concert that put those in attendance perhaps closer than they've ever been to the band. Upon arrival, fans were invited to test out some of the band's new Korn Koffee while waiting for entry. A merch stand showcased some of the band's new shirt designs, complete with mannequins styled similar to the cable-encased "Nothing" man from the band's new album cover.

A haze settled over the performance area, giving a tease of the look of the show. Barriers surrounded the performance area in front and on the sides, ensuring fans a great view, while throw rugs, a circular hanging light, Ray Luzier's drum kit and a whole mess of cable around the outskirts of the stage mirroring their album art provided the scaled back look for the evening. The venue kept fans entertained while waiting for the show with a soundtrack of '70s and '80s funk and soul hits that would make Jonathan Davis proud. Luzier also walked out amongst the audience pre-show, a sign of a more relaxed setting, as he posed for a few selfies and talked with a few fans.

When showtime arrived, fans got a more industrial-looking, club-like show from the group. Alternating between searing white lights and dimmed darker hues, the band performed in a more shadowy setting. The production also included one special performer, as the group had an acrobatic, cable-encased figure resembling the captured person from The Nothing album art unraveling and re-raveling from the ceiling above throughout the evening, The "nothing man" addition bolstered the band's already entertaining and energetic show, occasionally even leaving the group members taking a look at some of his stunts.

As for the show, it was a solid blend of old and new for Korn fans in attendance. The band started the night with one of their more familiar tracks, much to the delight of the audience. The instantly recognizable keyboard notes of "Falling Away From Me" drew a big response and Davis wretched back and forth to the groove with his signature microphone. Drawing equally as big a response was the jarringly heavy "You'll Never Find Me," which comes across even more powerful within the live setting with Luzier's drums setting the tone. Fans were already singing along to the lyrics of single, a great sign for its future lasting power.

Digging a little deeper into the catalog, Korn pulled out the Follow the Leader album cut, "Dead Bodies Everywhere," rocking with furious passion with fans singing loudly along. The rest of the evening alternated between new and old, with standout cut "Can You Hear Me?" from The Nothing being warmly embraced during its live debut. The guys seemed to be enjoying themselves, with smiles crossing the faces of Fieldy, and Jonathan Davis, while both Brian "Head" Welch" and Munky seemed to spot friends in the crowd with a few nods to different people through the show.

The other two newer tracks to be played during the show -- "Cold" and the groovier rocker "Finally Free" -- also made their live debuts to make release day extra special. The audience was also treated to another major hit, "Here to Stay," but it was the deeper cuts "Clown" and the full on fury of show closer "Faget" that really sent the fans into a frenzy with raised arms and headbanging hair flips coming from the crowd.

As far as release shows go, it's about all you could ask for -- live debuts, deeper cuts and some familiar hits. The up-close nature of the stage setup provided more of a connection between the group and their audience and the love went both ways, with all of the band members showing their appreciation after the show. Luzier frisbee tossed a trio of drum heads to members of the crowd, while Fieldy and Head tossed drum picks. Munky came around to shake hands, and when the picks started to run short, Head grabbed a red solo cup full of them to take around and thank those who showed for the evening and express how much the band appreciates their audience.

Having just finished a run of dates with Alice in Chains and Underoath, the group has a little break before playing the Aftershock Festival in October. Stay tuned to their touring here and pick up The Nothing at this location. Check out our photos from Korn's private release show as well as video footage shot of the three song debuts below.

Korn ShowBiz Studios Release Day Show Set List

1. Falling Away From Me
2. You'll Never Find Me
3. Dead Bodies Everywhere
4. Can You Hear Me (Live debut)
5. Here to Stay
6. Cold (Live Debut)
7. Clown
8. Finally Free (Live Debut)
9. Faget

Korn, "Can You Hear Me" Live Debut

Korn, "Cold" Live Debut

Korn, "Finally Free" Live Debut

Korn Private Release Day Show Photo Gallery

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