Germany's young sleaze rock crew Kissin' Dynamite just released their latest slab of audio caffeine, Money, Sex & Power, late last month. The band has been dominating stages across Europe since the release of their debut album, Steel of Swabia, in 2008, when singer Hannes Braun was just 16-years-old!

Kissin' Dynamite's appropriately titled sophomore disc, Addicted to Metal, was released in 2010, and featured a guest appearance by former Accept frontman Udo Dirkschneider on the title track. Money, Sex & Power finds Kissin' Dynamite delivering their finest set of songs yet, showing off a penchant for the kinds of hooks greats like Mötley Crue, Whitesnake and Guns N' Roses also favored during their respective heydays. It's not surprising since the band named themselves after an AC/DC song.

These dudes look and talk the way their music sounds (check out their video for the album's title track below), so Noisecreep asked Kissin' Dynamite axeman Jim Müller for the ten reasons why the band love heavy metal so much. His list is definitely in the wild spirit of their kickass tunes!

Top 10 Reasons Why Kissin' Dynamite Love Heavy Metal

by guitarist Jim Müller

1. Tits, nothing more to say

2. For sure the music. I mean, heavy metal gives you everything. It gives you strength, power, fun, but also love, magical moments and memories

3. The sound of my Marshall amplifier on full volume that let my balls shake so hard no girl can beat it. But please girls, don't stop trying ;)

4. The adrenaline-powered live shows

5. I think I forgot tits, so number 5 is tits!

Watch Kissin' Dynamite's "Money, Sex & Power" Video

6. The strong fan-union

7. The attitude of life, fulfilled with parties and Jack Daniels

8. Being the bad guy of society; though the heavy metal fans are probably the nicest and most intelligent ones around, I love the reputation of being the bad guy.

9. Tight leopard/zebra/tiger - printed leggings

10. Let's finish with tits :)

Kissin' Dynamite's Money, Sex & Power is available now via AFM Records. Pick up the album today at this link!