KISS are one of the bands out there that has staged a 'Farewell Tour' only to continue their career, but Paul Stanley reveals in a new conversation that one of the main reasons behind that trek was to part ways with two of the band's returning original members.

Speaking with 'Talk Is Jericho' host Chris Jericho, Stanley revealed that things had turned really sour with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss around the time of the 'Psycho Circus' album and the following 'Farewell Tour.'

He recalls, "The 'farewell' tour was us wanting to put KISS out of its misery. And for a while, honestly, we lost sight that we didn't have to stop; we had to get rid of them [Ace and Peter]. So the 'farewell' tour was really because it was unbearable to be with those guys -- not just on a personal level. The playing was…. 'erratic' is a nice way of putting it. You just never knew what was gonna happen day to day onstage, and it was a challenge getting somebody to leave their room to come to the lobby. Forget about the show."

He adds, "By the 'farewell' tour, I thought we were disappointing people. People may have loved the excitement and the novelty of seeing us again, but many nights weren't very good. My hope was when we got back together with the original lineup that everybody would have learned from the past and we would go forward -- pick up where we left off and move forward. Instead, we were virtually prisoners to doing the same songs every tour."

Stanley says he tired of people asking why they were playing the same set and seeing poor reviews. He adds, "It comes down to this. If you read a review, or if somebody says you suck and you think you're great, that's all that counts. But when you agree, then you've got a problem. When you read something that's scathing or you read something and go, 'That's right on the money,' that's when hopefully your pride kicks in and you go, 'They're right.'"

After the farewell run, Frehley left the group and Criss' contract was not renewed and the band realized that they could continue. Check out Stanley's full interview with Chris Jericho on Podcast One's 'Talk Is Jericho' below.

Listen to KISS' Paul Stanley on Podcast One's 'Talk Is Jericho' Podcast

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